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Space Conspiracy!

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Special Bulletin!

Project Code Yellow has been released! This is a free level 2 adventure that's way longer than we intended it to be.

The errata was updated on 6-8-2014.


Space Conspiracy is a Science Fiction role playing game that follows the spirit of misguided games such Paranoia and Gamma World. Every new campaign in Space Conspiracy spawns a host of random conspiracies to investigate and be baffled by. Scores of weapons are in the game including lasers, slug throwers, grenades, and, strangely enough, cabbage. Vehicles include everything from tanks to boring ground cars.

Choosing from six races and six classes, players create characters that will adventure throughout the galaxy using a unique rule system that uses lots and lots of dice. Clones provide a failsafe against the dangers of the galaxy, but clones have a risk of strange mutations. Bribing the game master may be the key to survival. If that doesn't work, apparently there's a skill for cheating.

Blackclaw Games is best known for the highly detailed, hard-core military role-playing game, Baptism of Fire: World War Two Role Play.

It's unknown what could have caused this respectable game company to suddenly create a bizzare game full of nonsense. Popular theories for this strange release tend to revolve around company founder, Michael Burnside, being held at gunpoint by space aliens, blackmailed by time travellers, or replaced by an evil clone from another dimension. At the time of this writing, none of these theories have any backing evidence yet, although the evil clone theory is fairly popular.

Further rumors speculate that company founder, Chris Minniear, who created the character sheets for Baptism of Fire, has also created the character sheets for Space Conspiracy. His involvement in this project raises the possibility that the leadership of Blackclaw Games as a whole has suffered some sort of mental breakdown.

Art for Space Conspiracy appears to have primarily produced by artist Dawn McCoy. Her motivation for being involved in this project is uncertain, but several reports indicate that she was bribed with hamburgers and subs. In any case, Dawn is known to be, in the most polite of terms, eccentric, and would likely agree to working on just about anything as long as she is allowed to sneak a couple of dinosaur drawings in. (She really likes dinosaurs.)

Space Conspiracy is available from Studio 2 Publishing , Amazon, and as an electronic download from RPG Drive Thru.

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