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Space Conspiracy!

Buy the game that will change your life! Space Conspiracy revolutionizes role playing games into a new paradigm thingy.*

*Keep in mind that change is not always good and historically, revolutions rarely end well.

Space Conspiracy takes role playing games into the future and then gets weird. Every new campaign spawns a host of random conspiracies to investigate and be baffled by. Scores of weapons are in the game, including lasers, slug throwers, grenades, and cabbage. Exciting vehicles such as the boring ground car are detailed in the game. Okay, so maybe that vehicle isn't that exciting, but there are a couple of tanks, and some spaceships, and a canoe. Who doesn't like canoes?

Choosing from six races and six classes, players create characters that will adventure throughout the galaxy using a unique rule system that reads like it was developed by space chimps. This game masks its flaws by forcing you to roll a ridiculous number of dice and then suggests that you go out and buy more.

So why haven't you gone out and bought this game already?

Order it now from Studio 2 Publishing , Amazon, or as an electronic download from RPG Drive Thru!

Baptism of Fire: World War Two Role Play

Baptism of Fire: World War Two Role Play is a d20 based role-playing game that places players into the largest conflict that has ever enveloped the earth. The future of the world lies in the balance and down in the heart of this thing that seems so much bigger than any one person could ever imagine being a part of, individual soldiers will decide the world's fate through their actions. The game features multiple character classes such as Combat Engineer, Heavy Weapons, Resistance Fighter, and Medic. Over one hundred pieces of weapons and equipment are detailed including small arms, grenades, artillery, and tanks.

Visit the Blackclaw Games Web site for more information and free expansion material.

Order it now from Amazon!

In Other News

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A personal tank?

Should civilians be able to buy their own personal tank? "Absolutely!" say frustrated traffic control experts.

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